Vim 7.3 released

    Finally, the best text editor in the world, the greatest IDE and what the emax lacks so much, have come to life. This is if you troll.
    But seriously, the release includes everything that was announced in beta , plus:

    • : write someotherfile no longer flushes the modified flag from the buffer
    • MacOS 9 support no longer
    • writing a file with the command : w! filename you will now get an error if this file is already being edited in another wim
    • for .tex files, filetype can now be set to plaintex, context or tex
    • for some file types, indentation settings have been moved from the plugin to indent. So remember to do : filetype plugin indent on in your .vimrc
    • 2html.vim now converts collapsed blocks to HTML for display in the same way as in the editor. The diff mode is converted in the same way.
    • Now, with two help windows running, if you do : q for one, the wim will not work out as before, but just close the window
    • : put will now leave the cursor on the last inserted row
    • Now, after recovery, the modified flag is assigned to the file, if it differs from the original file, this allows you to not lose the changes when you exit by : x or ZZ
    • GTK1 drank
    • Added netbeans support in terminal
    • Added a bunch of math functions
    • Added a lot more for scripts
    • CTRL and ALT modifiers work for mouse wheel
    • Added clipboard support in Mack console
    • A bunch of new files for syntax. Of the significant ones (in my opinion): Haskell cabal build file, Perl 6, SVG, CUDA, Tcl
    • Well, as usual, a bunch of everything else is fixed
    • Option relativenumber , showing line numbers, relative to the current cursor position

    Convenient development.

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