Another massive crack of ICQ-UIN'ov

    Immediately from several people from the contact list for a short interval, an offer came to download the Snatch.exe file under the guise of another mini-game.

    Snatch - Trojan.Win32.Snatch

    You can download the virus and no big deal is expected until you launch it yourself.

    On forums, for example on E1 , they say that after rebooting, you can no longer log in to Asya and from your UIN you can send the same file. It is treated by removing Snatch.exe from the processes and cleaning up all registry entries associated with it. But the password from ICQ will have to be restored.

    Spycheck says it is Trojan.Win32.Snatch .

    Interestingly, conversations with bots show that the creators of the virus were not too lazy to teach them how to communicate.

    UPDYou can download the virus file for studying and, in fact, passing the game here . Attention! Be careful! There is a virus ...

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