IPhone owners have the most hectic sex life

    A funny study was conducted by “specialists” from the OK Cupid dating site. They conducted an analysis of profiles in profiles and calculated how many sexual partners had accumulated by owners of phones of different brands by the age of 30. It turned out that the owners of the iPhone lead the most hectic sex life: they change their lovers about twice as often as the owners of Android smartphones.

    The guys with OK Cupid also published a bunch of other interesting statistics. So, they proved that photos look sexier if you make them a SLR camera, and found out how sexuality depends on the time of day, aperture value, flash output and depth of field.

    The sexiest camera is the Panasonic Micro 4/3, which makes you much more attractive than the Canon DSLR, not to mention all sorts of Nikon and Sony, which are far behind. The most unpleasant photos are obtained from camera phones, and Motorola phones close the rating.

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