2 mice = 2 cursors

    imageOnce, the question arose: why do I have 2 mice and 1 cursor? And then we started looking for a solution and we found it. It was a project of Spnmouse , although it was abandoned back in 2004, but it did not hurt us a bit.

    Part 1 Preparatory

    Go to Sourceforge for drivers for our mice.

    Part 2, practical

    The first thing we need is to find out the VID and PID of our devices (for USB mice). There are many ways to do this, we will use the elementary:

    1. Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Utilities -> System Information.
    2. Select Components -> Input -> Pointing Devices
    3. Find our first mouse and its VID & PID .

    4.Dobavlyaem file cpnmouse.inf line type "% CPNGroup.DeviceDesc1% = usbinst, HID \ VID_ XXXX & PID_ YYYY" where XXXX and YYYY respectively numbers listed in the ID PNP-devices .
    5. Save and drop cpnmouse.sys and cpnmouse.infin c: \ windows \ system32 and c: \ windows \ inf respectively.
    Everything on this file manipulation is finished, let's go install!
    6. Control panel - Mouse - Hardware - Select the hid device

    7. Click update.
    8. Select the driver from the list of installed

    9. Next, select the CPN Tools mouse filter driver

    10. Here we are asked to indicate the location of the cpnmouse.sys file , find it in the c: \ windows \ system32 folder
    11. Click OK and the installation of the mouse is completed (if If you do not have a PS / 2 mouse, then go straight to the final part.
    12. For ps / 2, the mouse is easier, Control Panel - Mouse - Hardware - ps / 2 mouse, - update the driver, then paragraphs 7-11.


    That's it, drivers for mice are installed, but something is missing. And the second cursor itself is missing. We start the ordinary.exe file and rejoice at our two cursors.
    Short video

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