FSB learns to recognize Caucasians by voice

    The FSB of Russia has announced a tender for "Creating an automated atlas of national languages ​​of the Russian Federation" (R&D "D-2010-08-4.3") with an initial contract price of 24 million rubles. and for a period of 29 months ( tactical and technical task in PDF ). The order was placed on behalf of part 68240, whose affiliation with the FSB is known for analyzing information from open sources .

    As part of the tender, it is required to develop a reference book, which can become the basis for an automatic system capable of reliably recognizing the language of the speaker by speech. For example, with the help of such a system, conversations in Caucasian languages ​​can be quickly detected among all cellular conversations in Moscow (provided that they are simultaneously tapped through the switches of mobile operators).

    The first languages ​​for which "a study of the characteristics of the spoken language of informants-carriers" should be conducted, in the TTX six languages ​​are called: Avar, Ingush, Kabardino-Circassian, Karachay, Balkar, Dargin. For each language, there must be at least 20 informants with different speech recording channels: microphone, telephone, etc., at least 10 recording sessions for each channel for more than 40 seconds. Then you need to analyze the sound recordings, and then compile linguistic passports of languages.

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