Sales: “another feature - and sales will go”


    Often, very often from sales people they say to programmers - “Customers want this feature. Make it, and sales
    will take off. ”A feature is added, sales do not take off. To the question “what ...” the answer is slightly predictable - “Late calving, customers have another feature.”
    On the other hand, if there are over 9000 products on the market, the need for unique functions is well founded.

    Moreover, it is necessary to look the truth in the eye - often there is no sense in “completing new functionality”, but it is necessary to actively engage in sales.

    Step 1 - identify sales channels
    • What channels do sales go through?
    • What channels alone MUST go on?
    Traps of the form are very frequent here:
    • there is no complete statistics on sales and channels (alas, sometimes it’s more convenient to turn a blind eye to the problem)
    • the cost of ONE sale for each channel is not calculated (it seems like the money goes, but all are spent on advertising / salaries)
    • there is a temptation to develop and concentrate on the sales channel that “went on its own”, which is “simpler” and “clearer”

    Step 2 - determine the influence of the seller on the success of each sales channel.
    For example, if the client is left to his own devices (self-service supermarket model), then two main factors influence his choice:
    • advertising and other brainwashing
    • customer choice based on self-comparison of function and characteristics
    Obviously, in this case, the influence of the seller on the client is minimal. Even with a “sales department," who "must sell." In fact, these "sales departments" only process incoming applications, so only those customers who ALREADY made a choice call.

    And in this case, the seller’s requirements are justified - only the “check amount” depends on them. So let the programmers “finish the features”, and the advertisers add them to the advertising brochures.

    In another scenario, the seller is the one on whom the decision to "buy or not" depends. Still undecided clients communicate with him, the so-called “prospects” in Western terminology.
    And here there are no new pa new features. Only mass shootings and alternate whipping and sticks of the head of the sales department.

    Step 3 - conclusions
    There are no conclusions - they have already been made and voiced above.

    There is a conclusion: everything that is written above is well-known, obvious and described many times. It is also certain that the majority forget / do not have time / cannot apply these truths.
    The main thing is to remind more often.

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