REG.RU congratulates on the day of the system administrator and makes a gift!

    Our dear comrades, familiar with such terrible concepts as uptime, ping and the like! Congratulations on this wonderful holiday - System Administrator's Day. By tradition, this holiday is celebrated on the last Friday of July and on such Friday every system administrator considers it necessary to drink Vodka 0.5 (as always) and, for example, mark mice for accuracy or burn a stuffed lamer, as is done on the All-Russian Sysadmin rally .

    REG.RU could not pass by such a momentous event and decided to give 210 system .dom domains to hardworking sysadmins (who did not understand, this is 210 = 30x7 (who did not understand again, the system administrator’s day is today, July 30)).

    Log in to your REG.RU account or register, then go to the "My balance" menu and enter the code word sysadmin in the "Promo code" field: the promo code will be activated. Then go to the “Register a domain” menu and enter the name you are interested in for registration, then follow the instructions of the system. The code is valid until August 1, after registering a free domain it will be impossible. One account - one domain.

    We recommend you hurry up: we give the domains to the first 210 nimble hands that have time to stake out the domains. On Monday, the holiday ends, and with it the freebie; )

    By the way, REG.RU did not go past the Meeting. The company supports the Team of the Shamans of Rally, an informal organization group established in August 2009. The Shamans thump help camps, communities and participants in organizational matters. To ensure operational communication between team members, REG.RU provided walkie talkies, and to protect them from the scorching sun - bandanas and T-shirts with team symbols. True, we are not sure that such trifles of these people are generally worried :) The

    music group PR-MEX did not stand aside. Thanks to the support of REG.RU, discs with group records will be handed out for free at the rally. In general, do not miss the opportunity to get a .RU domain while system administrators drink their beer, relax in nature or sleep on the keyboard


    work tirelessly.

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