Linux Mint 9 LXDE released

    The final release of Linux Mint 9 LXDE has been released. The news about this is published on the distribution website. Download the distribution here .
    The system is built on the basis of Lubuntu 10.04 (in fact, being its analogue), kernels 2.6.32, Openbox 3.4.10, LXSession 0.4.3, and Xorg 1.7.5. More details are described here .

    The system is suitable for weak computers. In my opinion, LXDE is similar to XFCE, but somewhat faster and subjectively comfortable. In general, on a laptop on which licensed Vista toss and turn slowly, this release has a chance to register.
    Unfortunately, the release goes without a Windows installer (mint4win), but with the help of the Popular Universal USB Installer, there were no problems with creating a bootable USB flash drive (I chose Mint 9). During the installation process and a couple of hours of operation, including the installation of all the necessary software, problems were also not noticed. So far, only the inability of the file manager to connect via SSH has upset, which is why it differs for the worse from the Gnomovsky Nautilus.

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