StarCraft 2 - the most expensive game

    Representatives of The Wall Street Journal managed to get information about how much sonorous coins the development of StarCraft 2 was published by Activision. It turned out that the project budget exceeded one hundred million dollars!

    If the information is correct, then StarCraft 2 will be the most expensive game in history. At the beginning of this year, it became known that the most important thing at the moment is the Grand Theft Auto 4 action - Rockstar spent about a hundred million on its development.

    However, Activision itself is not worried about the money spent and is sure that it will be possible to recoup the costs - just take into account that the box with the game costs about $ 60, plus a paid subscription to (for Russia, Asia, Latin America), plus extras and souvenirs ...

    In Russia, however, the toy will be sold a little cheaper. So, for DVD-packaging with an annual subscription will have to pay only 999 rubles. You can familiarize with the cost of other complete sets here .

    UPDATE: Thanks for the clarification in the comments. Firstly, a paid subscription to SC2 is required only for localized versions in some countries where the game itself will cost less than $ 60 (including in Russia). Secondly, a subscription will be needed not only for network modes, but also for a single player campaign ( proflink ).

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