Village notes

    Hello friends!

    I have been living in the village for several days now - I rejoice at the sun and warmth.
    Here are some interesting observations about the village.

    Today I bought a brazier in a local general store - such a good brazier and six skewers cost him 190 rubles. Communism has already come.

    The local river is occupied by a school extension and by local girls - there are almost no boys. Many people do not pay attention to swimwear and other nonsense - they bathe and sunbathe topless, or simply what the mother gave birth to. They look at me with meaningful looks.

    I bought five liters of milk at the store, I thought that they would ask that I bought so much. They asked why so little - usually take from 10 liters at a time. Five to six loaves of bread are also bought here. In general, the local people buy indecently many products - stew, some sausage of ninety rubles kilograms (I thought this does not exist at all). All this is poorly matched with local salaries - on average, five to six thousand a month are paid.

    There are two shops in the village - one sells groceries, and the second sells groceries and vodka. The first works until six, the second until 11.

    With the arrival of night, spiders and alcoholics crawl out of the cracks - the first wait for flies, and the second wait for the store to open.

    We have had terrible heat for the second week - the grass on the lawn is completely burnt out and lies in yellow hay, all other plants are trying to invigorate, but it turns out they have it weakly. Another three-four of these days and everything will begin to actively bend.

    The Internet in the village is as small as a pipiska after swimming in a river (sorry for the physiological features). On average, an external GPRS modem produces 5-6 kilobits per second - you can work here only relatively. The worst connection near the telephone tower is a paradox worthy of great brains. The best connection is to the cemetery (and do not even ask how I know this).

    60 kilometers from the city and you are like on another planet - here the doors are not locked, but only bolted, the prices are three times lower, all people greet each other, there is a dusty, stuffy and absolute siesta from 11 to five in the evening - it’s impossible to work in such heat.

    An interesting observation is that the locals have an absolute sense of temperature. Some offhand call the ambient temperature, some say the time and they say it. The error is two to three degrees.

    It turns out that such small black hallucinogenic mushrooms grow in our fields - urban mushroom rides follow them - such addict tours. The locals do not eat these mushrooms - they are unfashionable and often get “bad trips”. Now it’s fashionable to dilute vodka with soda - a person is absolutely drunk even before he finishes a glass of such a liquid.

    A neighbor gave me an ancient planer and a stack of Niva magazines for 1910 - she says that she asked in time, because she had already burned almost "all this nonsense."

    In the forest, a healthy jay attacked me - jumping on a pine tree around me - scary, with its beak open. Interestingly, is it her from the heat one way, or does the bird also have rabies?

    At three in the afternoon it is impossible to walk barefoot in the sand - it burns with terrible force. Local go - they do not care. They even walk barefoot in the woods - this is something impossible for me at all.

    I didn’t take a razor with me - I thought I would buy it here. Three days were eventful - everything was not before, therefore, it was heavily overgrown. In the general store there are only machines for three rubles and foam for shaving for twenty - it looks so terrible that I spat and decided not to shave.

    Locals spend three rubles a day on the mobile Internet, and I’m 150. I looked at my MacBook and iPhone - they said that everything was inconvenient and the theme in Windows was somehow strange. Everyone has VKontakte - they almost do not call each other on the phone and do not write sms - VKontakte is cheaper.

    In the village there is a football field and two teams - the "old people" and "youth". The second team has fewer people - young people are leaving for the city.

    We like in America - everyone has cars - broken oks and nines, without numbers and often without doors. I personally saw how one of the cars broke down by hitting a barn - he got out of it and never came back - the car will probably rot there.

    There are five students in the ninth grade of the local school, in the tenth three and in the eleventh three. The first eight classes are gone.

    Here the farewell to the army is a holiday - a striking difference from the city.

    Every second one has satellite TV plates on their houses or just on neighboring spruce trees, however no one watches these 40+ channels - only the first and second.

    A neighbor through the house in old age married a young nurse - they walked the wedding for three days. On the fourth day, the neighbor died - so the wedding gradually grew into a funeral, and the young wife became a widow. Today was a funeral.

    Everyone in the attics and in the sheds has huge bottles of 30 liters each - in the Soviet years there was a drying plant in the neighboring village. When it closed, the locals dragged everything from it - banks, lids to banks, these bottles.

    On weekends, a station wagon or minivan arrives in the village, people go out of them and put up goods on folding beds - floats, Chinese slippers, cartridges for a fumigator and other rubbish. All this looks like a Chinese counterfeit warehouse. The same car comes with clothes.

    In the grocery store hanging sticky tapes from flies. It looks sickening - a tape covered with a black swarfing mass.

    In a neighboring village for a thousand people there are five shops. It feels like half the village is working in these stores, and the second half is buying from them.

    Wired radio shut down, sad. I liked how it used to broadcast something there myself.

    That's, perhaps, all that came to mind.
    Have a good day!

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