Trillian IM and Gmail Security

    Not so long ago, having read about Trillian on a hub, I decided to install myself. I liked the client. Among other things, I connected googleTalk through it to just receive email notifications.
    But today, by going to gmail I found an inscription saying that someone else was logging into my account. Who would have thought it turned out that from the trillian site ...
    Access Type
    (Browser, Mobile Device, POP3, etc.)
    Location (IP Address) Date / Time
    (Shown in your time zone)
    Unknown July 5 (4 days ago)

    I went to - redirected to Actually, these are the trillian developers.
    4 days ago ... although I first saw a notice about this, despite the fact that I go there more than once a day. And I went into googletock more than once through a trillian ... So it’s not that he connects to gmail in such a sophisticated way, but, in fact, my password was stolen.

    Change password. I wrote in the helpdesk of the trillian through the form on the site, to which I immediately received the answer:
    Hi ,

    This autoresponse has been generated for your correspondence regarding:
    "TECHNICAL: gmail security in trillian",
    a summary of which appears below.

    We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. We cannot respond to every issue. If you are a paid user requesting technical support then please contact us using the technical support link at the top of our support page. Users of our free software can usually find answers within our community-driven Trillian Discussion Forum.

    There is no need to reply to this message unless you have a file to attach, such as a screen shot.

    Thank you,

    Cerulean Studios

    Well, thank you very much. Why didn’t they immediately say that you didn’t answer when I just started writing?
    Then he wrote on the Google support forum - they did not answer.

    To understand why this is all arranged, I find it difficult.

    PS Tell me, is this something I don’t understand or is it that they steal passwords like that?
    I do not want to give up trillian until I figured it out.
    Where to write or where to complain or what to do?

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