10 outstanding iPad apps that will shock you. (Part 2)

Original author: Brian X. Chen
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Three months have not passed since the release of the iPad, but in such a short time, programmers have already managed to “tweak” 9000 applications for this fashionable gadget. But, like with iPhone apps, there is one problem - it’s pretty hard to find really high-quality and interesting programs in the crowded App Store directory.

We were looking forward to some applications before the release of iPad, this list was replenished after the device entered the market, after which we put together all the applications that seemed intriguing to us. As we tested and plunged into the world of iPad apps, we were able to select some really great software. The list is quite diverse: from a web browser, which is better than the built-in Safari, to a music reader that teaches you how to play the piano.

Continuation of the article. See the first five applications here .

iCab Mobile

The Safari browser built into the iPad is undoubtedly gorgeous, but if you can’t live without the usual tabs, iCab Mobile will be a good alternative. Clicking on the “+” button in the upper right corner of the application allows you to open a new tab. The application boasts other functions that Safari lacked so much: the ability to search the page, the button hiding the browser panel so that the contents of the page fill the entire screen of the device.

This is a quick and nice application, even despite the fact that its icon is disgusting and you are unlikely to want to keep it on the main panel.
Price: $ 2, Download

LogMeIn Ignition

The iPad is not yet a self-contained device, and from time to time you may need to use your main computer while on the go. Say, for example, you want to start downloading a new movie so that it will already be downloaded by your arrival, or send someone an important document that you left on the hard drive of your home computer by e-mail. LogMeIn Ignition is an excellent application for remote access to the desktop, allowing you to control your computer from afar using the iPad.

Installation is quick and easy: create an account on LogMeIn.com, install the application on your computer and log into your system using the iPad. You will have access to basic actions on the remote desktop - moving the mouse, typing from the keyboard - this is a bit inconvenient with the touchscreen, but nonetheless allows you to perform the necessary actions.
Price: $ 30, Download


The built-in note-taking application in iPad looks great, but it's outdated: you cannot view your notes except on iPad (of course you can send them to yourself by e-mail, but this is at least inconvenient). While we are waiting for Apple to integrate wireless online synchronization into the device, Simplenote is a great alternative. This is a really very simple application: click on the “+” button to leave a note that will be saved online when you are done. After that, you can immediately view the same note on the iPhone running SimpleNote, or through a web browser on simplenoteapp.com. Moreover, the application is absolutely free.
Price: $ 0, Download

Air display

Air Display is a convenient application that allows Mac users to use the iPad as an additional external display. After you download applications on iPad and Mac, combine them into one Wi-Fi network and voila - your iPad will become another screen for your computer. This is very convenient if you want to select the iPad’s small display for viewing feeds on Twitter or perhaps you will transfer an instant messenger program to it while you are doing the main work on the main display.
Price: $ 10, Download

The guardian eyewitness

The Guardian (a daily British newspaper, translator's note) found another interesting application for the iPad’s beautiful display with this app. Every day, The Guardian Eyewitness shows new photos from a paper newspaper in high resolution. Besides the fact that the photographs are magnificent in themselves, they are accompanied by a description and professional advice from the photographer about how a particular shot was taken.
Price: $ 0, Download

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