School project. Linux at school number 64 - Rostov-on-Don

    On Saturday, June 26th, we, a group of two people, I and lamp (Sergey) visited school 64. Unfortunately, this time the time allotted for the installation was very limited, since two hours later we had an RNDLUG meeting. The teacher Tatyana Anatolyevna met us in a small, but comfortable and bright informatics class.

    We talked about the reasons and principles of the transition of schools to the PSPO. She told us that she already installed school Linux, but she did not particularly like it. This is not surprising, because it is quite difficult to evaluate such a complex subject as a software distribution, having almost no information about it. We provided the teacher with normative documents on the topic (from FAO), an overview of the teaching materials (educational and methodological complexes). Then I went into the installation, and Sergey told and showed Tatyana Anatolyevna what practically can be done on Linux, both in terms of teaching computer science and other activities.
    And at this time I made an installationfest. So what did we have. Computers were purchased three years ago (E2140 @ 1.6GHz, 500Mb, 80Gb, DVD) in the amount of 10 + 1 (teachers). On board was installed software from the first aid kit. Something like this - WinXP Prof SP2, MSOffice 2007, KAV6.0, Adobe Reader Photoshop, EffectionStudio, C&M (World of Informatics 3.4), MSVisualStudio6.0. The network was available on 5 computers.
    I installed AltLinux4.0 with the second system. Installation took place without any problems. It remained only to set the boot primacy of windows in the bootloader. True, the installation did not even start on two more computers, due to errors in reading from DVD.
    Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we did not manage to install all the computers (we did 7). Including, did not configure a network and SmartBoard. But we agreed to visit again to complete the installation completely.
    As in all past cases, we clarified that our activities in the installation of secondary vocational education in schools is only to help teachers of computer science (they are usually responsible for ICT) in taking the first step. Naturally, only the work of all those involved in the process (teachers, methodologists, training structures, MA) will give a real result.

    UPD: Today - June 29th to install everything that was not finished. In particular, the interactive whiteboard (which so confused individual readers) started without any problems at all. They just downloaded and installed the software from the manufacturer’s website, if anyone is interested, smartboardsoftware9.7.68.0.

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