How to attract the best minds of Runet in your startup?

    Hi, man!

    We will give an answer to this question on June 29 at the BizSpark Camp conference on June 29 at the Extropolis conference center. The event is organized jointly by Microsoft and StartupPoint.
    Everyone can take part. To do this, you must register as a member . If you don’t have the opportunity to come, you can subscribe to the online broadcast .
    Among the invited experts:
    • Igor Ashmanov - Managing Partner of Ashmanov & Partners
    • German Klimenko - owner of LiveInternet
    • Dmitry Stepanov - Executive Director of Afisha Publishing House
    • Askar Tuganbaev - Director for Development of Internet Projects, CTC Media
    • Petr Didenko - Chief Strategic Development Specialist, SKB Kontur
    • Arkady Moreynis - Head of GlavStart Holding
    • other.

    What will happen?

    As part of BizSpark Camp, startups that are ready to launch and successfully work will be presented. You will be able to observe the reaction of investors and experts on the example of real projects.
    It will be possible to listen to the leading experts of the IT business, communicate with successful colleagues and draw the attention of investors to your startup.
    Up to 1000 people will participate in the conference online and offline. You have the opportunity to present your project to such a large audience. Apply for a presentation .

    Why is it worth attending the conference?

    Do you have an idea, but do not dare to launch it? Do you need to soberly evaluate all the pros and cons, get qualified support, find the strengths of the idea and focus on them without making unnecessary mistakes in the process?
    Or have you already moved from an idea to an implementation, do you have a finished project? The most difficult thing remains: to understand how this project can enter the market. What project features need to be developed? What to focus on? What should be done so that the project finds investments for further development?
    To solve these problems, we need not only and not so much money as a professional expertise and often a lot of experience in the market. It’s not enough to listen to a lecture at the next startup conference. New questions appear regularly, and answers are needed in a timely manner and from a person who understands your project and is interested in its success. You can learn more about all this at BizSpark Camp. Register as a participant

    At the BizSpark Camp, Arkady Moreynis (Head of GlavStart) will talk for the first time about the working scheme of the new GlavStart holding and about a new startup development initiative not yet introduced in Russia but successfully used in the world.

    Read more about the conference.

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