Petrik began to judge journalists who defamed him

    Doctor of Technical Sciences Viktor Petrik has filed a series of lawsuits to protect business reputation against the media, which criticized his inventions. As you know, Petrik invented a revolutionary technology for purifying “radioactive” water in collaboration with the State Duma speaker Boris Gryzlov. Negative publications in the Russian press “undermined the business” of his company “Golden Formula Holding” LLC. Letters of buyers and dealers are attached to the claim as evidence, which have recently significantly reduced the purchase of water filters.

    The lawsuit was filed with Rosbalt’s correspondent Yevgeny Zubarev, from whom Petrik wants to get 21 million lost profits. In addition, the lawsuit filed claims against CJSC Publishing House Novaya Gazeta, CJSC Publishing House Komsomolskaya Pravda, 100 TV Channel and The Wall Street Journal (1 million rubles each). The first hearing in the Kuibyshev Federal Court of St. Petersburg was held yesterday, the next is scheduled for July 13.

    Petrik’s lawsuit emphasizes that he is a well-known scientist, and also awarded them three medals. P.A. Kapitsa, Order of the Patriarchate of Russia named after St. Daniel and the jubilee medal of Marshal of the Soviet Union Zhukov - not a swindler at all, as the enemies are trying to imagine him.

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