plink: hide IP address and encrypt traffic in 5 minutes

    Every Internet user at least once thought about anonymity on the Web. In this article, I will talk about one of the easiest ways to configure your own proxy server, which will reliably hide your IP address and encrypt the transmitted information.

    I do not pretend to be original, everything stated below is known to many, but there will certainly be people who will find this information useful.

    To hide the IP address, encrypt and compress traffic, we will configure the SSH tunnel using the plink utility. You can download this utility from the official site .

    A prerequisite - you must have a hosting with SSH support. It can be shared hosting, VPS / VDS or a dedicated server. If you have your own website (like, you don’t have your own website?), Then check with the technical support service for the username, password and address of the SSH server (sometimes they match FTP).

    Configuring the plink utility

    Create a plink.bat file and place the text in it (replacing “login”, “password” and “SSH_server_address” with real username, password and SSH server address). Save the plink.bat file in the same folder where the plink.exe utility is located and run it. If everything is done correctly, a black window will appear with approximately the following text: Press the "y" (Latin) and Enter keys. Congratulations, the SSH tunnel has been created. This window cannot be closed, otherwise the connection to the server will close. If you entered the wrong username or password, you will see the corresponding error:
    plink -ssh адрес_SSH_сервера -C -N -l логин -pw пароль -D



    Configuring proxies in FireFox

    In order for FireFox to use the created SSH tunnel, go to the Tools -> Settings -> Advanced -> Network -> Configure menu. Check the box “Manual setting of proxy service”, in the column “SOCKS host” specify the address, port 8081, check the box “SOCKS5”. Leave the remaining columns blank.


    To check, open the site . If everything is done correctly, then instead of your IP address you will see the address of the SSH server.

    Your IP address is hidden, traffic is encrypted and compressed.

    Proxy settings in Internet Explorer

    If you are still using Interner Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> Network Settings. Check the "Use a proxy server for local connections" checkbox and click the "Advanced" button, in the "Socks" column, specify the address, port 8081.

    Proxy settings in QIP

    Connection Settings menu. In the "Proxy Type" list, select SOCKS5, in the "Proxy Server" column, specify, port 8081.

    Other programs

    To configure proxies in programs that do not support SOCKS or refuse to work directly through the SSH tunnel, you can use the FreeCap program or similar products. I will not describe in detail the settings of this program, I can only say that in the connection parameters you will need to specify the address and port 8081

    What to do if there is no website (hosting)?

    Theoretically, for the SSH tunnel, you can use free hosting with SSH support, but I do not know any high-quality free hosting.

    Hi Bill Gates

    The described method has been tested in Windows XP and Windows Vista. In Windows 7, theoretically, it should also work, but there is no way to check.
    In * nix-like operating systems, ssh can be used instead of the plink utility.

    Server setup (optional)

    If you have a VPS / VDS or a dedicated server, then I recommend creating a special user without rights to connect via ssh.

    Secure Password Entry (optional)

    If you want to specify the password manually at each start of the SSH tunnel, then remove the “–pw password” from the start code.
    plink -ssh адрес_SSH_сервера -C -N -l логин -D
    This is less convenient, but more secure.


    You can find information about other features of the plink utility in the official documentation .

    There is no absolute anonymity

    Without going into technical details, I will say that this method does not give you absolute anonymity. Do not do the stupid things that they will look for you.

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