BP buys oil spill on Google

    BP, a company that works to eliminate the leak from its well in the Gulf of Mexico, was seriously concerned about improving its image and bought search ads on Yahoo and Google at the request of [oil spill] and [gulf oil spill]. Thus, marketers hope to counter a wave of criticism that has unfolded against the corporation, writes The Telegraph.

    For US users, these queries link to a dedicated marketing website . Thus, if someone is looking for up-to-date information on an oil spill, he first sees BP propaganda.

    Community activists tweeted anti-corporate account BPGlobalPR(already 150,000 followers). “We pay Google a lot of money so that you have access to the best information on the oil spill - our information,” one of the messages said .

    This has already caused dissatisfaction among some users who require Google to donate the money earned on this ad to help eliminate the consequences of the disaster.

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