Passed a quest from MCHOST.RU to change the NS domain

    change the NS-server for my ******. Com domain to the following: ns1. *****. Com
    ns2. ****. Com

    Please tell me what the reason is for changing NS ?
    (Note: yeah, this has already passed. No further emotions.)

    I use this domain to store video content.
    Requires 100 GB of free space.
    In your company for reasonable money this is not.

    Yes, please

    Excellent. Reduce the price for me to $ 5.95 per month. like here http: //*******.com and I need not a maximum of 100GB, but from 100GB.
    If you are ready to provide hosting for my requirements, then do this or change the NS server.

    NS changed, sorry to trouble you.

    Not likely, but it turned out.

    It is worth noting that before that I went through the quest for 75 rubles to initiate the process of transferring domains to, and I have been doing this while I'm waiting for the results of the transfer.
    If anyone is interested in how to transfer their domains with Private Person status from write, I’ll tell you.

    ADD at the request of IMA:

    How to withdraw from a domain with the status of Private Person for 75 rubles.

    So, to transfer a domain, you need to get an EPP code from the domain and change the status from Private Person to normal so that your email is indicated on the whois page of the domain.

    1) We write to a request for a topic; send an EPP code from my domain.
    If you already had this code, then keep in mind that the codes tend to be outdated, so make sure you have the current code.
    2) We write a letter to the support requesting to register an email in the domain description. If you have registered, then go to step 6. Otherwise, as in my case, you will be prompted to bind the domain to the hosting (on and create a profile there, and then make a request to assign personal data to the domain.
    3) We buy the cheapest hosting for 1 month. I got 75 rubles.
    4) We bind the domain to this hosting and create a questionnaire in which we indicate your email
    5) We write a request to the support with a request to assign personal data to the domain
    6) We go to and start the process of domain transfer. Everything is already simple there.

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