The Lord of the Rings Online will be free


    Warner Bros., which recently acquired Turbine, has decided to restart and change the MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online business model. Already on June 16, open beta testing of the shareware (free2play) version of the game will begin on European servers, and the official restart of the project is scheduled for autumn. The Russian version of LOTRO will also undergo these epoch-making changes - the Lord of the Rings Online website says that “details of the transition to f2p of the Russian version of East Kazakhstan region” will be announced later.

    Using the f2p scheme means the absence of a monthly fee and the appearance of paid goods and services. Loyal fans of the game will be able to issue a paid premium subscription, giving access to all additional content and some services. The possibilities and price of an optional subscription have not yet been disclosed. Currently, the subscription fee in the European version of The Lord of the Rings Online is about $ 15 per month, and for Russian players the game costs 240 rubles per month.

    Active LOTRO players received this news negatively - it’s no secret that shareware games are characterized by a high content of rude and irresponsible players (unfortunately, the principles do not allow me to use the term “shkolota”), as well as the widespread use of various programs that simplify pumping.

    So, already in the fall, the forces of darkness will finally succeed in capturing Middle-earth - the elves and the hobbits will start swearing and acquire "pre-school" names. In the meantime, you can still enjoy the last days of the passing era ...

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