VNIINS - or Big Brother BolgenOS

    imageForgive me, the article is written based on BolgenOS.

    In 2010, the All-Russian Research Institute of Management Automation in Non-Industrial Spheres named after V.V. Solomatina ”(VNIINS OJSC), the city of Moscow, celebrates 40 years.
    The VNIINS considers its priority to be the creation of domestic information technologies, the introduction of which will ensure Russia's technological independence from foreign software manufacturers in order to guarantee information protection.
    The end of the quote.
    Now from officialdom to programs and equipment.
    Those who have not heard about VNIINS and want to know what the Text substation and the MSVS 3.0 Operating System can see the details under the cut, enough of Popov’s laurels.

    imageThis is clickable. Think it's konqueror? Not!
    Navigator Substation - Platform: Intel
    Purpose of the product - Navigator Substation is designed to navigate through file systems (FS), and it also has a wide range of options for customizing its graphical interface and working with objects (directories, files, links, etc.) d.) FS.

    Again, the end of the quote. Continuing the guessing game.

    imageOpenoffice Again did not guess! This is the PS “Text”. And it’s cooler, it is designed to create, edit and print text documents with the ability to insert graphic images and tables with subsequent preview and printing of the document .

    imageYes, this is the PostgreSQL admin panel pgAdmin. It says so. But no! This is the seventh version of DBMS Linter-VS! And it is intended for the organization of secure databases. Now you probably want to see OS MSVS 3.0? If you have not read the review on Habré , please! But the Institute did not stop there. Equipment is being produced. Meet - “Ash KM-01 MPLS-IP Border Router”, and not some kind of Advantech! You can see the entire list of software and hardware on the website: For those who want to buy all this, the products are delivered under the terms of the contract no later than 20 (twenty) business days from the date of crediting 100% prepayment to the supplier’s bank account . There really is no price.



    I suggest that you continue to play a guessing game (there is a four-page product list on the site), I, sorry, have no more strength.

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