Self-stimulating self-education

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    “I do not want to study, but want to get married”

    Instead of the foreword

    There was supposed to be smart, captivating text to attract attention. But did not come up with anything, therefore. This post is an attempt to give the idea to those who can implement it (if anyone needs it at all). Well, or at least share thoughts about.

    Education 1.0

    Our vocational education system is seriously ill. So much has been written about this that I have nothing to add.

    In my humble opinion, recently released, the main problem is the lack of incentive and self-stimulus (not to be confused with masochism). The version of "obsolete educational programs" is too hackneyed and banal.

    Education 1.5

    Most teachers do not know how or do not want to attract students to their classes. Listening to dry lectures is boring and unbearable. Perform strange laboratory instructions are uninteresting. For some reason, practical exercises often turn into theoretical ones. The consequence of all this is the milk froth of the theory in the head and the massive copy-paste practice, which is overwhelmed with teachers and departments of all specialties.

    Education 1.9

    Do not like it - do not eat. Self-education has not been canceled. Some teachers even try to justify their teaching with the phrase "the university teaches to learn." It seems to me that the phrase is true in a slightly different sense, not the one they put into it.

    So, self-education. Perfect education. But here, not everything is so smooth: there is human laziness. The easiest way to overcome laziness is an inevitable stimulus.

    Education 2.0

    Why is our time a time of self-education? We have internet. Not just the Internet, but the Internet, filled with a huge amount of information suitable for training (here everyone can recall a lot of educational Internet sites, various online courses and think about a giant orange ice cream. A giant ice cream will help you remember this post). Who needs to go to some kind of remote building every day in order to get some useful knowledge with a very low probability? Diploma. A diploma is an incentive. An incentive sufficient for any exams, but not sufficient for constant visits and the implementation of everything.

    Often I heard "if they paid me, I would study." Money is a good incentive. But who can pay you to study hard? Parents? Well, maybe you're in luck, and then stop reading it. Who else do you need? There is such a person.

    This person is you. Pay yourself - why not.

    Education 2.1

    “He promised to share the idea, but he himself bears some kind of evidence” - you will think and you will be right. Actually, an idea.

    A site for self-education with self-stimulation. The usual text and video courses online (self-education), for passing the exams for which you must pay for yourself (self-stimulation). This is for short. Further down the steps.

    I want to start learning

    You register on the site, choose the course you need. Each course has a “cost”. Starting the selected course, this same price is debited from your account (a somewhat incorrect word is "debited", but this will become clear later). You yourself can choose the cost of the course, but there is a minimum.

    What is the current course?

    Courses are divided into stages, at the end of each stage - a small test. The test may not be a test as such, it all depends on the type of training (more on that, a bit later). One way or another, for the successful completion of each test, a part of the “cost” of the course is returned to your account (oh, miracle!). Thus, if you want to return almost the entire cost of the course, you need to pass all the exams.

    What fool would pay then?

    A fool who does not want to be so anymore. I don’t undertake to discuss the psychological aspects of such an educational scheme on a professional level, but for some reason it seems to me that there are many people who are ready to learn this way.

    Is that money in my account?

    Money cannot be withdrawn (one can argue with this, I am not good at monetizing). They can be used as collateral (here is a more suitable word instead of “cost”) for other courses, after which they will be returned again by successful completion and again mortgaged. When you get tired of everything, you can purchase, for example, useful literature on the topic of the course, or, at worst, a certificate of completion of the course. Well or something like that.

    Oh well. Where is the profit?

    A small fraction of the cost of the course immediately goes to the owners of the service. Part of this part goes to teachers (about them below). In addition, the option “say thank you very much” is available, which allows you to transfer the entire current account to the service owners.

    They said something about the type of training ...

    The student chooses from whom he will study before starting the course. There are 3 types of teachers:
    • Professional - a specialist in his courses, selected by the owner of the service, he has a higher minimum deposit amount and a higher percentage for training.
    • An amateur is a standard guarantee and percentage, but competence may be lower. Although it may actually be higher, there is a risk.
    • Beginner - works for free to become an Amateur. The deposit is standard, the percentage is the lowest.

    What are they doing? Professionals can quite closely communicate with the student during training, and instead of tests offer written exams or practical tasks. Lovers, in general, can also. The main responsibility of all teachers is to ensure that the student does not miss something important. This means checking the test results, indicating weaknesses and advising what and where to read / listen / watch. In general, direct on the true path.

    I do not know how to select Professional teachers, but I do not have a business plan here.

    Any site member who successfully completed several courses in his specialty (for example, web programming), who trained a number of students on the site for free and passed the Professional test, can become an amateur. There is another incentive: after some time you can start making money. Not so much money, but nice.

    To become a Beginner, it is enough to pass your course and testing the Amateur.

    We put a feedback / rating / karma system for self-regulation and self-cleaning on all this nonsense, you can still spice it up with fashionable social features, but everything else is to your taste.


    For those who do not like to read many letters, scrolling to the end, in short:
    • The student pays for the successful passing of exams. Passed an exam - get part of the money back, didn’t pass - learn the materiel or forget about the money.
    • Money in the account can be reused for collateral. The better you study, the less money you contribute. For one small amount in a successful scenario, you can take many courses.
    • The teacher level can be selected. The better the teacher, the greater the deposit, the greater the percentage of site owners.
    • You can start teaching yourself, and after a while you even get paid for it.
    • Once the funds entered can no longer be withdrawn in the form of money, but it can be withdrawn in the form of good books or certificates of completion. Or you can thank the authors of the site by transferring the remaining funds to them.

    Instead of an afterword

    Usually they write something like “I'm waiting for criticism and constructive”, but I hardly need it. Rather, those who like this idea. So criticism and construct are welcome. But only in terms of the idea, and not the difficulties of technical implementation, psychological and sociological aspects of teaching and learning.

    ps: Thought to publish here or on the blog “Take the idea, I don't need it” (or whatever it's called there). In the end, he came to the conclusion that this is not very attractive for the idea, but quite for the conversation on the topic. I apologize for the lengthy and chaotic presentation.

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