Theory of the evolution of the media plan, or the development of the target audience

    Darwin's main driving force behind evolution is natural selection. This principle applies to the advertising campaign, for the preparation and launch of which, expert selection of placements is applied to effectively solve the problems of advertisers ( media planning ). Natural selection develops after the launch of the advertising campaign and the subsequent analysis of the return on investment.
    Advertisers have different tasks (to receive 500 orders, to launch a new brand on the market, etc.), they are all solved by delivering an advertising message to the target audience. In contextual advertising, the role of communicator between the advertiser and the target audience is played by contextual advertising systems. If you follow the direction of reaching the target audience, then the advertising campaign will have two development vectors: platforms and type of traffic. In the above diagram of the evolution of the media plan, the recommended procedure for connecting platforms (development in breadth) and traffic (development in depth) is fixed. The recommendations take into account: the distribution of search traffic, site tips, the ratio of the target audience on the sites, as well as the author’s many years of practical experience.

    Yandex Direct

    1. Connect the search
    1.1. We sort out queries: by brand, by direction, low-frequency, queries by the names of competitors, queries with natural geo-targeting, misspelled queries
    1.2. We sort out high-frequency and indirect queries
    1.3. We connect a virtual business card with contact information
    1.4. We connect the display of ads in Yandex.Catalog.
    We write ads for each keyword (CS) using CS in the text.
    2. Connect the YAN
    3. Connect the display according to user preferences (in the settings of the RC)

    Google adwords

    1. Connect Google search and the search network.
    Ad format : text
    Searching word forms . We use the keyword tool, site content, a list of CS on Direct. We take inquiries in their natural form (sale of fireworks, not sale of fireworks) in order to reduce the likelihood of not showing on the 1st page of delivery. We sort out: u / mn number + frequently used cases. Add negative keywords to the ad group or RC level.
    We write ads for the group using a keyword from the group with max statistics on click-throughs in the text.
    2. Connect the content network
    2.1. We set up RK with a focus on keywords (general, high-frequency, indirect queries).
    2.2. We set up the RK with orientation to the placements (we use the tool for selecting placements).
    Ad format : text / graph / video.
    Bids : customize content bids.
    Announcements : general by product with indication of competitive advantages (discounts / promotions).


    1. We connect navigation resources We
    configure RK on types of traffic : search engines, message boards and thematic catalogs.
    Key words : low-frequency and names of competitors. More general phrases can also be included in the list of queries, if we believe that they will work well in search engines and the target audience will come along with them. For example, the query "office furniture" must be present in the list, despite the fact that it is high-frequency.
    Ads are as specific as possible, using the keyword and the obligatory temptation (for example, "Sale until June 25!").
    Rates 2-5 positions.
    2. We connect information resources We
    configure RK on types of traffic: thematic sites, blogs and forums, mailing lists.
    Keywords : general (maximum of 2 words) and with the use of slang (for example, for sellers and services of “jailbreak” iphone, etc., because potential customers read forums and comments when studying a question).
    Engageable ads : “xxx deals”. Where “xxx” is not a keyword, but a general theme.
    Rates are 3-6 positions, but not lower, because on these sources an average of 4-6 ads in the Runner’s ad unit.
    3. Connect resources with behavioral targeting
    Keywords 1 and 2 of the Republic of Kazakhstan (low-frequency + general).
    The ads are intriguing, but it’s clear what they mean (for example, “Have you seen our interest rates?”).
    Rates minimum 1-3 rubles.

    Methodical material in tabular format for applied use here .

    List of recommended links
    Search traffic distribution:
    - Statistics Openstat
    - Statistics Liveinternet

    To be continued ...

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