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    Do you know that the smallest voice recorder in the world, three times included in the Guinness Book of Records for its miniature size, is made in Russia? It is produced by Zelenograd company Telesystems , whose activities and products have not yet been covered in the Habré for some reason. But we are talking about a company that independently develops and manufactures world-class products in Russia. Miniature digital voice recorders have long been her trademark among professionals, and this story is about them.

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    The company with the simple name "Telesystems" was founded in Zelenograd by two enthusiasts in 1991 as a private research and production enterprise, the main activity of which was the development and manufacture of electronic equipment for communications. In 1992, Telesystems developed and manufactured Russia's first AON, which became the basis of the company's business in the 90s. Since then, the company's product range has seriously expanded. Now one of the company's calling cards is a series of miniature professional voice recorders Edic - for the past 6 years, Telesystems have been holding the title of manufacturer of the smallest voice recorders in the world.

    Success story

    Already in 2004, the Edic Mini A2M recorder was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest recorder in the world:

    With extremely small dimensions (43 x 36 x 3.2 mm) and a weight of only 8 grams, the Edic-mini A2M recorder has a recording time of up to 600 hours, while the battery life is 350 hours. Such a recorder costs about $ 190.

    In 2007 , the Edic-mini Tiny B21 model , which, incidentally, is still available to this day, fell into the book of records .

    with a pretty decent memory of 8 GB, its dimensions are 8x15x40 mm, and its weight is slightly less than 6 grams:

    In 2009, the current ultra-lightweight champion, EDIC-mini Tiny A31, the size of a paper clip, entered the market:

    Its internal memory can reach 1200 hours, the microphone sensitivity up to 9 meters, the recorder can work up to 25 hours from a fully charged battery.


    However, the miniature dimensions are not an end in themselves for telesystem voice recorders. This is a professional product with high recording quality, acoustic sensitivity up to 7-9 meters, automatically adjustable recording volume, powerful memory and password protection.

    Another feature of Edic recorders, expanding their scope, is digital tags, a kind of audio signature that allows you to establish the authenticity and integrity of the recording made on it, as well as the absence of its later editing. Thanks to this, a recording made, for example, using the Edic-mini Tiny B22 recorder, can be presented as evidence in court. How and why such a feature can come in handy in our country, I think, no need to explain.

    To test the capabilities of telesystem technology, you do not have to be a pro in sound recording - a simple test in a domestic environment is enough. For example, you can record nightingale singing at night from a distance of 50 meters.


    Although voice recorders have become the most stellar product of Telesystem, the company's business is not limited to them. Zelenograd produces telephony equipment, security systems, decorative lamps, invests in start-ups, supports crazy projects in various areas - electric transport, solar energy, mobile homes, light aircraft and hang-gliders, and much more, which I will discuss in future articles.


    It is symbolic, by the way, that the company is from Zelenograd. In recent years, without any signs from above and accompanied by an unchanged cut of money from budgetary initiatives, Zelenograd has really turned into an “innograd”, a city that really has a chance to become a real Russian Silicon Valley.

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