Modification of the idea of ​​a national referendum 2.0


    I agree with fata1ex that, yes, not all residents of the country understand foreign policy, but everyone knows how to count money anyway. So let's imagine what will happen if everyone gets the opportunity to vote ... with a wallet.

    So, imagine% username "%, you wake up in the morning and you have SMS

    on your mobile phone: - Receipt into your account: your salary (" dirty ", including taxes) - 100,000 rubles (for example).
    - Receipt into your account: your share for the month from using national resources (natural rent, money for flying over our vast homeland, etc.) - another 100,000 rubles
    - Receipt to your account: your share of taxes of legal entities working in Russia is still 100,000 rubles.

    While you think how good it is, the following SMS arrives:

    - You need to pay taxes. In order to do this, automatically send an SMS to the number ...

    Stop, you think. We need to figure it out. You go to the site (for example) - you log in and look.

    - So, pensioners - understand, teachers - hmm, understand.

    Stop - and this is what.

    Section - education. Another school site for 10 million.

    They're idiots or something, uncheck.

    Foreign policy section: pay money to Nauru to recognize South Ossetia.
    Hmm, it seems to be a little out for my brother, but on the other hand just so much on a new mobile phone - not enough.
    Well fuck him, uncheck.


    What happens in such a situation - but here's what:

    1. Officials return from heaven to earth. Now they are grabbing kickbacks, just because they are sitting on a stream of budget money - you need to take this stream from them. And sobering will come, though not in an instant (there are still licenses, inspection bodies and other corruption-friendly environments), but it will be very, very tangible.

    2. People will realize that they are the masters of the country. What instead of AUTHORITIES - there are simply employed employees serving every citizen. (I think everyone who came across our officials remembers very well that the situation is a bit different now).

    The funny thing is that the idea is, on the one hand, quite feasible, and on the other, impossible in principle.


    - technically

    Internet banking and mobile banking have long ceased to be exotic; issuing a card to those residents of the country who do not already have one is cheap at the national scale. projects (a side positive effect is a decrease in black cash turnover and a decrease in inflation).

    - implemented from a managerial point of view:

    Changes can be made in stages, giving citizens the opportunity to first manage local budgets (for example, in Moscow you don’t have to pay twice as much as a kilometer of the Big Andron Collider in Moscow), and even then, not 100%, but at the beginning only 20% and gradually increase this%.

    And only then, the same phased transition to the federal budget.

    It’s impossible in principle - the current party in power will never do this (it means losing one of the feeders), and all other existing political forces want to tear themselves to this power not in order to make life in Russia better, but in order to themselves fall to this feeding trough. So a perfectly sound and feasible idea remains a utopia.

    ps For irresponsible citizens who want to pay nothing at all - you can make barriers - for example, you can remove no more than 30% of the checkmarks in the items of expenditure, etc.

    pps Thanks for the karma, transferred to IT and politics.

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