Outsourcing - a business model not for beginners

    I decided to share my thoughts on IT outsourcing.

    According to my modest observations, outsourcing in IT is not the kind of business that new companies should do.

    What is outsourcing: is the provision of services for Western employers.

    Why not build a business on this now?

    • To earn more - you need more people
    • Recruiting from the open labor market for new projects is a big risk
    • Finding good programmers for the payroll you're willing to pay is not easy
    • There is growing competition from large IT companies, in which both ZP and stability and social. the package is good, and experience can be gained there faster (although this is a moot point)
    • IT workers open their companies and recruit people - which ultimately leads to a decrease in free human resources

    What to do?

    To invent something new, take risks, cost a business model on the principle of “once done - you use and develop all your life”

    Do you want to harvest every year - plant wheat.

    Do you want to harvest 15 years - grow a garden.

    If you want your whole life, grow a vine.

    Saas, services, products, unique specialization, niches, traffic, games, startups - this is where young companies and developers should look.

    I hope my words will be useful to someone :-)

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