I want to make a hosting, the essence is ...

    Actually, for a bottle of beer, and then other, higher-octane drinks, a crazy idea came up with the idea, in comparison with which Manilov simply smokes in the corner.
    So, on Habré quite often the thoughts slipped through that if you are doing business in Russia, then everything is possible, especially - sites and servers should be located abroad. That’s why this idea came to my mind:
    What if we set up a data center somewhere where our eternally vigilant, protective and protective organs — for example, in the Cayman Islands, cannot reach and provide a server for rent for enterprises in Russia?

    One solution, for example, is:
    A server is leased to the client, physical (more expensive) or virtual (cheaper), running a thread of Windows Server 2008 R2, with a pre-installed office suite. A client (more precisely, clients — there may be many users in a company) connect to the server remotely via RDP and do whatever they need there. As a result, if suddenly masked people burst in - just pull the switch - and look for the wind in the field: the server is all in the Caymans, there are only “thin clients” in the office. After the “mask show” visit, new “thin clients” are taken out of the basement and continue to work, as if nothing had happened. Well, besides this, you can also administer all the servers yourself - thus, relieving the client of the need to keep a system administrator on the staff or use outsourcing. Of course, the cost of licenses for all software will be included in the rent, most likely for MS-software it will be SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement). Well, of course, you can rob the corovans - how can you do without them?

    I see several weaknesses:
    1) To build your DC will cost just unrealistic money, most likely you will have to start by renting racks from local colocation providers.
    2) I am a technician to the marrow of bones, I have always been “satisfied” in economics, and therefore I can even roughly estimate whether this whole crazy idea will pay off at least theoretically, and if so, for how long - I can’t :(
    3) In any case, even if you do not build a DC, you will need money, a lot of money, and you will have to find them somewhere else. Whether this will pay off is still a question.

    Well, now - as in the bearded joke "And now - they drank!" - can you explain to me why I am an idiot and my idea is a complete bullshit. Since all this was written under the influence of C2H5OH vapor, more precisely, probably not C2H5OH, but CH3COH, please treat it accordingly, and it’s too painful not to beat. Everything was written just for fun, in order to communicate in kamenti with habrobschestvennost.

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