New Counter-Strike: Source Beta!


    After a very long lull, Valve began a large-scale update to Counter-Strike: Source.
    The update includes the basics of many new features and functionality:

    • Added 144 achievements.
    • New screens of statistics and general information.
    • A new display of the end of the round with interesting facts about the player.
    • Updated results table with new images, visual style, stars and avatars.
    • New cinematic death camera.
    • A new system of domination and revenge.
    • Added avatars to voice chat, a table of results and a display of the end of the round.
    • Many updates are included in the Source engine.

    All of these are the basics of the new update. Developers are looking forward to feedback and suggestions .
    When the beta test is over, then all Counter-Strike: Source will update automatically.

    You can download it for free from the Steam store page - .

    UPD (after an hour):
    Thanks for your interest. We've filled the available slots.

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