Twitter has swallowed a company specializing in SMS

Original author: kevinthau
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An interesting entry appeared recently on the Twitter blog , I prepared a translation for Habr’s readers:

“SMS served as an inspiration for creating Twitter and we continue to use this simple but ubiquitous technology. In fact, a limit of 140 characters was invented specifically so that any “tweet” could be completely read regardless of whether you use a low-functional phone or a more sophisticated device with advanced network access capabilities.

Over the past eight months, we have collaborated with a startup called Cloudhopper to become the largest consumer of SMS services in the world - Twitter processes about a billion “SMS tweets” per month and this number is growing worldwide, from Indonesia to Australia, the UK, the USA, and other countries.

In order to successfully grow and scale our SMS service, we are pleased to announce the takeover of Cloudhopper, whose infrastructure will enable Twitter to directly connect to the networks of mobile operators in different countries around the world. Join the congratulations of Joe and Kristin for joining the mobile team on Twitter. ”

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