Save traffic when viewing maps on iPhone

    You probably know that every time you open the Maps application, the iPhone accesses the network and pumps out that piece of the map that you need, on the one hand, it’s good - you don’t need much space and a quick update, but at barbaric prices for GPRS \ 3G this is not realistic, I suggest below little trick.
    Note that cards work in airplane mode, without WIFI.

    To have access to offline maps, we need to have some kind of file manager for iPhone
    under Windows, for example Winscp or ifunbox (both are free), only winscp for access via wifi and ssh and ifunbox - by cable

    Now we you need to take the map cache of Moscow and put them in
    MapTiles.sqlitedb copy to \ private \ var \ mobile \ Library \ Caches \ MapTiles \
    For firmware 3.1 in private \ var \ mobile \ Library \ Caches \ Maps \ MapTiles \ copy to \ private \ var \ mobile \ Library \ Preferences \
    Bookmarks.plist copy to private \ var \ mobile \ Library \ Maps \

    It will also not be superfluous to change the rights to the copied files using iFile \ terminal \ ssh, but it is not mandatory

    The cache of Moscow, like other cities, can be downloaded from torrents, for example, a map of Moscow
    or downloaded via MAGNET.

    This is what is included in offline access on the map above.

    You can also make your card using this program.

    I hope the instruction comes in handy, save on traffic!

    PS You can also do it on your iPod so that you could watch maps without Wifi.

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