Summaries for the Lazy

    It all started with the fact that it became necessary to rewrite a huge number of abstracts in a fairly short time. Time is running out, laziness is not decreasing, but it is necessary to do it. Fortunately, the notes were in electronic form, I decided on a trick - to create my own handwritten font and print the notes.

    As i did

    First, install one of the many programs for creating your own fonts (I used Font Creator).
    Next, on a blank sheet (they will not work in a ruler and a cage) we write all the letters of the Russian (English, German, if necessary) alphabet, as well as numbers and specials. characters.
    Scan the resulting creation. As an option, you can use a tablet and draw letters in a graphical editor, but on paper it is still more familiar - after all, we need to get the font as close as possible to the handwriting.

    Creating the font itself in Font Creator will not be a problem - all this is done with a trivial copy-paste, the program recognizes the shape of the letter, which can even be corrected if necessary.

    Now we save the font, install it in the system and replace the font in the document. It remains only to correctly adjust the line spacing and you can print.


    It should be noted here that you can use this method only if you don’t peer into the text — a person never has the same letters, the spaces between the words are also different, and the printed text does not give glare and does not push through the paper, unlike hand-written text .
    In general, there is not enough printer printing with pens.

    How to do it

    Ideally, several handwritten fonts are created with different spellings. Next, a program is written that processes the downloaded text as follows - it selects a random spelling option for the letter from the proposed fonts. You can also vary the spaces between words.

    Added pictures.

    Thank you all for the ideas, I add:

    from bagyr: the XeTeX program - with it you can expand the fonts, add variability to them.
    from yans: Tascer program. More ...
    Download Font

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