Do-it-yourself bug bug

    I urgently needed to assemble a listening device with my own hands. Google got wool. There were quite interesting things, from the synopsis of the series "Invisible" to "a hundred ways to hack a VKontakte account."

    It turned out to be not so simple to solve my problem, although one original recipe was found. On the radio amateur website, I found a transmitter circuit with a decent range of up to 300 m. However, to establish this circuit, you need some experience.



    VT1 - any transistor type KT315 (KT3102). Choose depending on the required microphone sensitivity.
    VT2, VT3 - KT368 (Gain - at least 100). It is advisable to use in a metal case.
    M1 - microphone type "pine", FEM-3 or some imported.
    L1 - 3 turns with a 0.5 mm wire on a 5 mm frame.
    L2 - 2 turns with a 0.5 mm wire on a 5 mm frame.
    L3 - 8 turns with 0.25 mm wire on a 5 mm frame.
    After assembly, it is advisable to place the entire circuit in a metal case.

    Sweating over the "bug", I still got my way and learned a lot, a lot of interesting things. But that's another story.

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