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    FuturiRecently, we released a new version of the FUTURITI website , where players place bets on any questions about the future. A kind of "tote 2.0" where you can not only play for free, but also watch how the public predicts various events of everyday life. By the way, the idea of ​​a “collective mind” is revealed in the Habrablog of the same name and on Wikipedia . You can read about the project itself and its rules of the game on the site. Here I would like to answer the well-known questions that the habrahlyudi usually ask and get new ones from them;)

    New questions with FUTURITI

    What are the analogues?

    Full analogues do not exist, otherwise we would not have taken up this project.

    Firstly, FUTURITI does not focus only on people who are knowledgeable in financial markets and other things that are difficult for math students to understand (for “mathematicians” there are intrade.com and hsx.com ). At FUTURITI, events are predicted by a simple method of choosing one of the possible answers to the question.

    Secondly, FUTURITI was created not only for residents of Scotland (free hubdub.com is working for them ), but is focused on the game of residents from different countries on the same issues. Today there are Russian and English languages, automatic translations of questions and comments work. By the way, in Runet we are indisputably - “namber van”!

    Thirdly, at FUTURITI you can not only test your predictive abilities and receive gifts (like on predicto.com ), but also chop real Euro cabbage.

    What is monetization and who earns what?

    There are several participants in this process (4). Earnings of players is not limited, the more come true predictions - the more wins! The service reserves 30% of the players ’winnings. Of this money: up to 5% from all bets is charged to the question authors and up to 20% from all payments is given to partners attracting new players.

    How legal is this?

    Legal and financial interaction is worked out quite carefully, and is improved every day. Selling game currency 3 coins - 1 €in a project is no less legal than, say, selling artifacts in online games and all sorts of gifts on social networks and animal feed on virtual farms.

    futuriti.ru - welcome! And thanks for your attention, criticism and comments!

    created by the creators of parked.ru (parking.nic.ru)

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