Load the meatballs with barrels! Starting April 1st at LinguaLeo.ru

    Today, April 1, LinguaLeo.ru began selling meatballs for learning English!

    And this is NOT a practical joke! :-)

    Meatballs whet the appetite and increase Leo's pet ability. Thanks to them, Leo can learn more than 20 words a day and train unlimitedly.


    For beginners - a brief presentation of the service )

    One meatball supports the pet in good shape for 24 hours. It is very simple to please him with meatballs:

    1) We go to LinguaLeo.ru: we enter the Jungle or we create an account .
    2) Click on the meatball at the top.
    3) Choose the appropriate set of meatballs *
    4) **
    6) Profit! ***

    Attention, the offer of meatballs is limited by the capacity of the meatball factory!
    Anyone who signs up for LinguaLeo through April 1, inclusive , will receive 21 meatballs as a gift. When registering before April 15, everyone will receive 14 gift meatballs!

    All prices and discounts on sets of meatballs are valid only until April 15.
    Hurry to please Leo!

    In addition, on April 1, LinguaLeo.ru received:
    1. Voicing all words and phrases in a British voice.
    2. Transcription for all words and phrases.
    3. The possibility of subscribing to special notifications about the hunger of the Leo pet, as well as sending out 7 secrets of learning English from the Spirit of the Jungle.
    4. And another .

    We are waiting for you every day at LinguaLeo.ru! Rrrr!

    * Decide which kit you want to purchase. A choice of weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual sets. The more meatballs Leo has, the longer he will be satisfied and will be able to continuously develop without any restrictions.

    ** You can pay by one of the many ways offered by the ROBOKASSA service.

    *** Now you can unlimitedly feed and train your Leo pet, and with its development your level of English will also improve.

    The LinguaLeo.ru service will always be available for free use. A free account allows you to add 20 new words per day and enjoy all the other features of the service.

    For those who want to learn English in a very short time, meatballs are a great opportunity.

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