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    imageMy old Nokia 6120 suited me in almost everything, except for the fact that the gap between the device and the glass sucked the dust no worse than some Thomas-Aquafilter. Satisfied, but not original, I wanted something more. I wanted to read books, I wanted to watch a movie, I wanted to hang in ICQ - and all this, preferably not from a matchbox, but from a normal, moderately well-fed screen.

    Based on a little experience communicating with HTC HERO, I knew that his screen was just the size I needed. And here in the storefront again stood and looked at me HTC Hero. He is on me, and I - on him.

    I suddenly realized that I want this smart and that he, smart, also wants me. All other devices suddenly seemed insignificant, glamorous imperfections, fashionable and stylish - but nothing more. And HTC Hero is ... It ... It was Love - with a capital letter and at a glance.

    So I became the proud owner of a smartphone on the Google Android platform.

    And here I am sitting in my apartment, on the floor. In front of me is an open white box, in a chaotic manner scattered manual, charger and empty bags. And also the device itself - in the included form.

    The first thrill, familiar to many, when you take out a new phone from the package, realizing that it is already everything, is yours, but still continuing not to believe your happiness, came down. He was replaced by bewilderment - most of the features inside my NTS turned out to be obscure, and some of the expected ones were not at all.
    If I were an American of advanced years, I probably would have spat and returned the phone back to the store, thus making the biggest mistake in my life. But I was lucky - I was born Russian. Where does the Russian climb if he does not understand something?

    Right. The instruction booklet was not even honored to be open, but after another five minutes I was flipping through the Internet with all my might. In short, in the end, I learned everything. I learned to read books and RSS feeds, and I figured out which programs are better and more convenient for this and how to put them. I learned how to keep a diary so that I don’t forget anything, got hold of a dictionary, ICQ, a player with scrobbling at last.fm, I learned how to use GPS and a map so as not to waste tons of traffic. Well, toys, of course!

    For my own convenience, as well as for the convenience of the same, as I once, novice smartphone users on androids, I created the site www.droidnews.ru. In it, I tried to collect everything I needed, useful and tasty, and organize it so that everyone who has a device, the Internet, hands, and at least the basic skills of pressing buttons could easily and painlessly turn their phone into a truly functional device.

    The site is designed as a blog (though, intensive work is currently underway to write its own highly specialized and optimized engine for it) with author reviews of existing Android OS software, rare (so far) news about this system and various useful tips for beginners, with the ability to add comments which zlbb and Teutonick are currently working on. Most often these are questions that are asked when something is not clear. We try to answer everything, mindful of how we ourselves once sat in indecision on the floor and not knowing what to do next.

    If you need to explain something - contact, I will do it with pleasure.

    Well, no ... Then just come to visit! We will be glad to see you!

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