What are the alternatives to getting a free copy of licensed software?

    Having recently read a post with a video saying that copying is not theft, I thought again. It is no secret that there are a lot of developers, programmers, designers and all those who are involved in software production and who suffer from the fact that its software is “copied”, not bought.
    As a developer, I constantly have to purchase development software, for example, to work with databases or new IDEs for development, in order to increase labor productivity.
    And I thought, because most of us use software from other developers, one way or another, to develop our own products. But what if, instead of “copying” each other’s software, assuring that we are not doing anything wrong, simply exchanging licenses among themselves? After all, this in my opinion is a good idea for creating a small service for developers.
    Tell me, would you like to have a service in which you could offer an exchange of software licenses? How do you look at solving problems with licensed software?

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