Service menu in Benq E2220HD

    Three months ago, I became the very satisfied owner of the Benq E2220HD. But after the first disconnection from the power supply, I was unpleasantly surprised when I turned on the surge protector again, the monitor did not display its logo, which was rather unpleasant for the eyes. It turned out that you need to turn on the monitor every time, this fact upset me.
    Having looked at the settings in the menu and not finding anything, I put up with it.
    Just the other day I tried to find a solution to this problem and was pleasantly surprised that this problem has a solution.

    You need to go to the service menu (turn off the monitor, hold down the Menu, turn it on again, press the Menu), you need to set the AutoPower state to On.
    Also on this page you can turn off the logo display when you turn it on, see the number of hours worked, serial number, firmware version, etc. Other monitors also have this menu (at least the G2200WT).
    Why didn't the manufacturer do it by default? Or did not make it to the usual menu? For me this remains incomprehensible.
    Hope someone helped.

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