Search Applications under Maemo

    One small site,, launched a search today on applications located in three Maemo repositories: extras (stable software), extras-devel (software under development) and extras-testing (ready-made, test software). The search is conducted both in the names of applications and in the descriptions and is located at:

    Since new applications under maemo appear several times a day (due to the open repositories and ease of development), it becomes it’s very difficult to keep up with the news. So for me, a killer-featured search is to search for new applications “in 1 day”, “in 3 days” and “in a week”.

    Also, if you go into the search with maemo - you will see a separate version of the search specifically for the Nokia N900 browser. Creator


    I promise the resource to ICQ that it’s all not going to fall from the Habra effect, but you understand :)
    In general, if it falls, I’ll transfer the topic to a closed blog or delete it.

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