KSocrat is alive

    I love this program - KSocrat.
    Small, sits in the tray, no frills, uses the Qt library .
    And then an annoying glitch appeared in it - when translating some words, scrolling goes to the end of the file and the entire “relevant” translation is far behind.

    The last release of this miracle was already 6 years ago - 07/17/2004, why the author abandoned it - it is not clear.
    Yes, she doesn’t know how to translate phrases like stardict, but only translates between eng and rus, but I don’t need anything else, the main thing is to quickly and adequately translate an unfamiliar word:


    If someone else uses this miracle and wants to saw it with a file, we ’ll climb raw:

    In ishonikah there is such a file: /ksocrat/ksocrat.cpp
    starting from line 143 is the following code: insert after line: such line: that's it, now do make. Official page of the program: http://ksocrat.linux.kiev.ua/
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    1. void KSocrat::done(){
    2.     if(!sMsgs.isEmpty()) {
    3.       meResult->append(sMsgs);
    4.       meResult->append("--------------------------------");
    5.       sMsgs = "";
    6.     }
    7.     if(iMultiPass) {
    8.       grepSentence(false);
    9.     }
    10.     else {
    11.       btTranslate->setEnabled(true);
    12.     }
    13. }

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    1. meResult->append("--------------------------------");

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    1. meResult->setCursorPosition(0,0);

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