Siberian Internet Week will be held in Novosibirsk March 15-21

    Hello internet!

    We again decided to put the Siberian Internet on our ears and hold the “ Siberian Internet Week ”. As before, no one dares to hold major events in Siberia except us, because it is not so simple, but we are not tired yet.

    And still this is the coolest thing that there is for Internet users in the regions.

    Today we are announcing the fourth conference, which will be held in Novosibirsk from March 15 to 21, 2010. The program committee has already submitted more than 100 reports , of which we have to leave 50 - devoted to Internet business , design , programming , project management , Internet marketing ,promoting offline business on the Internet , online commerce and the blogosphere . In total, we plan that the event will be attended by more than 700 people from Siberian cities, as well as our guests from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions.

    Why are we the best?
    We accustomed Runet to broadcast Twitter feeds on the screen, and now everyone does it; to the program of master classes, which is formed already after the start of the conference following the results of the voting of participants we regularly refuse sponsors due to the poor quality of their reports; competition for places in the program at the beginning of the event is 1: 3; we moved the Business Lynch offline and only here you can voluntarily pay more for participation if you really like us.
    Fans upload notes to our reports, and 200 comments per conference discussion.

    If you are somewhere nearby or are able to be there, we invite you to participate. If you can announce in blogs controlled by you - the party will not forget you. And if you have a desire to make a report (especially technical! There are big problems with this in Siberia) - do not be silent. Comments on reports and everything else are accepted here.
    You can call here: (383) 325-9550

    And yes. Registration is required. And participation

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