Mercurial 1.5 and TortoiseHg 1.0 released

    A new version of the distributed version control system Mercurial and user-friendly client for this system - TortoiseHg .

    Here is an abbreviated list of changes for Mercurial (original here )
    • improved performance of the heads command with named branches
    • XML logging template
    • import can now receive several patches via e-mail, mboxes, files and URLs
    • new option patch.eol = auto, which allows to ignore the type of line feeds in patches
    • new option -b (--branch) for clone, bundle, incoming, outgoing, pull and push commands
    • new server.validate option for checking integrity when doing push
    • subreposs now have basic support for Subversion
    • SSL certificate support for servers and improved IPv6 support
    • new progress bar extension
    • improvements in the extensions mq, color, convert, win32mbcs, zeroconf, rebase
    • web interface improvements
    • improved error messages and documentation

    Changes to TortoiseHg ( original )
    • now used Mercurial 1.5, Python 2.6.4, GTK 2.18.7, PyGtk 2.16.0, python-svn 1.6.6, dulwich
    • Perfarce, hgeol, mercurial keychain extensions added
    • new installer
    • interface improvements
    • added import dialog
    • integration with HTTP (s) / SMTP keychain
    • processing links in comments to commit (details here )
    • many bug fixes and minor improvements

    By the way, if you have not yet used distributed version control systems, I advise you to try TortoiseHg. It is simple and convenient. And if you used TortoiseSvn, then the interface will already be familiar to you (although, of course, there are significant differences).

    PS At first I wanted to make out just a link, but I wanted to put at least two links. As a result, I made a quick translation of changelogs.

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