Problems Downloading SQL Server 2005

    It's no secret that sometimes you have to install old versions of some software. For everything new is well forgotten old.

    My goal was to install full SharePoint 2007 on a full SQL Server. Because the new 2008 SQL Server for my company is quite stressful to buy (they don’t have so much finance, and most of the innovations are just superfluous). From here, it was decided to put semi-annual SharePoint in semi-annual SQL 2005 (with all the bells and whistles in the form of Reporting and Analysis Services) for initial familiarization.

    And so, what came of it ...

    Actually, there were no problems with SharePoint; we go to the small soft website, select the necessary distribution kit and upload it. But with the Sequel, it was not so simple. Firstly, it was already problematic to find the official page of the 2005 server; it was wandering somewhere in the bowels of updates, tools and solutions. All links from the official site lead exclusively to the SQL 2008 page. I had to use the search. Somewhere in the top ten search results, Bing still provided a link to a SQL 2005 page, but the saga does not end there.

    At the top of the middle of the page on a gray button are the beautiful words “Download a trial version”. With full confidence, I click on this link and navigateagain to Bing, where the already clearly mocking robot says that “Search results are missing” and after a few seconds it throws me to the search results at the URL of the download link, which is also not clear why. In general, having tormented for another 15 minutes, I abandoned this business and climbed into my native Google, so that on the Internet, to search for a sequel server that escaped from the general stall. There, too, I did not find direct links, i.e. all direct links to the same Bing search page; only a few ISO images of old versions were found on incomprehensible sites.

    Maybe, of course, someone will say that I am a fool and show a working link, but, it seems, I’ve been using the Internet for several days, and I download from their website periodically without any difficulties. I would not want to sprinkle mud on Microsoft, but such incidents somehow give rise to unpleasant thoughts.

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