Competition for Reading Habrausers

    imageHi % username% !

    I am the coordinator of the Read-Only project , a collective blog about and around the world of literature. In November, we had an unpleasant incident with invites and a black PR project that we did not plan.

    Not so long ago we canceled invitations and made registration available to all comers. Although we still do not have everything working as planned (we accept comments and suggestions ).

    We also began to hold a contest for the best topic - by analogy with the Federal User Encouragement Program . Our partners are the MOLO bookstore and the BOOKCARE book accessories manufacturer .. The four lucky ones have already received their prizes, and you,% username%, can be the next.

    And today I want to invite all reading habrayuzers to write a topic and take part in our simple contest. The rules can be found on the competition page .

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