API Best Application Competition

    Dear colleagues, we invite you to participate in the competition of application / service developers using the API which will be held from today to May 1.

    Winner who won the first place Nexus one prize:

    The following applications are accepted for participation in the competition: games, ratings, informers, programs, etc., these can be either applications uploaded to our server, or individual sites - services, desktop applications using our API - do it yourself.

    We have prepared the following prizes for you:
    1st place - Nexus one
    2nd place - Acer Aspire 1410-742G25i

    3rd place - Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2-1PaWi-B (4G WiMAX) To the

    participants who did not win prizes, we give incentive prizes - flash drives.

    To participate, you must be registered on

    An application for participation in the competition can be submitted in the site section:

    API is similar to the, API. The only thing at the moment the response from the server comes only in the form of XML, in the future there will be JSON.

    API information can be found here .

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