How to register for the Third Minsk Startup Weekend?

    In April 2010, the third Minsk Startup Weekend will be held, which, unlike the last two, will be entirely devoted to business projects in the field of IT technologies. About 10 investors and about the same number of business consultants are expected to attend.

    The event is non-profit and represents a one and a half-day training marathon, a business game for “running in” and launching new business ideas - “startups” and attracting investments in them.

    The registration algorithm for the Third Minsk SpartUp Weekend:

    1) Pre-registration is carried out by calling (+375 17) 288-14-54, (+375 17) 288 14 91 and includes the application for participation. You can also send an application for participation by e-mail - startup2010 (a)

    In the application for participation, you must specify:
    - Your last name and first name
    - Field of activity / profession
    - Contact mobile phone
    - As whom do you want to participate in the training (participant, author of the project).

    Preference is given to people with at least 2 years of business experience. Students register, but you must prove your interest in the project (why do you want to participate?).
    If you take part as the author of the project, then you need to send your project to the address: SpartUp2010 (a)
    The deadline for submitting the project is being specified. A preliminary analysis of the projects is being specified.

    2) Participation in the event is conditionally paid for both the authors of the projects and the participants.
    The cost of participation depends on the date of payment - at the moment it is specified in the organizing committee.

    3) Payment procedure:
    You can pay the required amount at any bank on a bank account 3012002469006 at BelSwissBank CJSC, RCC No. 9, Minsk, 220030, ul. Y. Kupaly, 25, code 175, recipient of PE “Business Media”, UNP 191033395, payment purpose: “For participation in the training”.

    4) After the payment is made, it is necessary to inform the organizers of the payment in one of the following ways:
    Send a copy of the payment by fax tel./fax (+375 17) 288-14-91.
    E-mail the scanned version to E-mail a
    copy of the payment to the address: 220029, Minsk, ul. Kuibyshev 22, office 307, PE “Business Media”.
    Bring a copy of the payment in person at the address: Minsk, st. Kuibyshev 22, office 307, PE “Business Media”.

    Then you become a member of the Third Minsk SpartUp Weekend. Thank you very much for your interest in the project! See you at the event!

    PS I am not one of the organizers, but I will pass on to them the questions asked in the comments.

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