Inability to make an emergency call from Nokia smartphones on Symbian 9.1!

    I have a Nokia e61 smartphone with the latest firmware for today.

    When trying to make an emergency call to 112 or 911

    , this progress bar appears.

    After 2-5 seconds, a telephone connection is made to the emergency menu voice menu, where a pleasant female voice asks you to choose one of four:
    - “to connect to the fire department, press: 1 "
    -" with the police: 2 "
    -" with emergency medical assistance, press: 3 "
    -" with the gas service: 4 "

    No matter how I tried to press the numbers on the telephone keypad, nothing came out, the tone signal was not transmitted and connected with emergency help was just not Possible.

    This means that at least one, and maybe all models of Nokia smartphones under Symbian 9.1 are not suitable for calls to emergency services - THAT IT MAY BECOME A PERSONAL LIFE!

    PS The original article is taken from my old blog .

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