Envato which is a “Must Have” for everyone

    No matter how talented a person, a creative crisis inevitably sets in at different periods and for various reasons, and we spend dozens of hours in vain trying to force ourselves to come up with at least “something”. In this post, I also decided to share my interesting places with inspiration for creating logos and Corporate Identity.

    I cut out the further text about logos styles and inspiration, because after completing the post I found that in the process of writing and collecting information , the Envato resources turned out to be more valuable , which expand the sources of inspiration, education and commonwealth in many branches of graphics, photography, effects, music, animation. web development and freelance and to surprise was not described on Habré.


    Returning to the original topic - logos and corporate identity and resources inspiring to work on similar projects, I still didn’t want to delete the work done, and for those who are interested, they can continue to read, and for those who do not like printing, scroll through to Envato. I hope it will be useful to many.

    The b> Creattica site, which is part of Envato , which, in turn, formed from a group of ordinary fanatics of style and design, has become a network of popular Marketplace sites such as VideoHive, Audiojungle over the past 3 years, the most interesting of the many revised sites for inspiration and not replaceable . and others ..., Mac AppStorm and Web AppStorm blogs, FreelanceSwitch and others, as well as well-known social networks for designers under the TUTS + brand : Psdtuts +, Nettuts +, Vectortuts +, Audiotuts +, Aetuts +, Activetuts +, Cgtuts +, Phototuts +, I will describe below about them future FX-makers lights are eye Boomburum , to tory would later write for us lessons and reviews not only iron but also the theme CG-software :)


    A site on which a whole range of works is collected, both as ready-made portfolios and laid out by the authors for review. And in addition to Logos, Business Card includes sections such as 3D, CSS. Flash, Advertising, and others . Easy to use and easy to navigate, and as always without unnecessary advertising.
    In pursuit, I attach links to sites that are worth visiting - these are collections of logos for inspiration that do not make sense to
    browse but are definitely worth a visit: LogoPond - Identity Inspiration
    Logo Faves | Logo Inspiration Gallery
    LogoGala - a distinguishing feature from similar resources, is the emphasis on the color filter
    LogoOfTheDay - This project is a panel of judges that selects the best logos from designers.

    DESIGN: related

    It is worth noting since this project is a social network for designers of various disciplines, it is designed to motivate designers to publish their works for inspiration of other people.

    Envato and what interesting she offers us

    I don’t think that among us there are people who use marketplaces instead of torrents, so I’ll miss this part, and those who wish can always familiarize themselves with them on the Envato website.


    This is a Community of Freelancers, where in addition to forums and discussions, there are excellent articles and tips for / and from the life of Freelancers, as well as searching and adding vacancies. And a podcast feed.

    The next thematic site on which there is a large number of interesting articles covering all kinds of aspects of working on a Mac is software, hardware, the lifestyle of macadots, and much more.

    A practical clone of the previous one in terms of design, which also has a large number of interesting articles, reviews of websites and applications, tips, “tips and tricks” designed for the audience of Web Developers.

    Completes the top three * .AppStorm

    The same design with a difference in color, the site performs the same functions but aimed at an overview of iPhone and iPod applications.

    TUTS +

    This is a series of Educational Social Networks, as well as AppStorm combined into a single design with differences in color and performing identical functions, but in different directions:

    Familiar to everyone (and anyone not familiar with it should immediately bookmark it) A resource for beginners and just Photoshop users with numerous lessons.

    For Web Developers

    Lessons, inspirational illustrations, tips and different techniques for working in Vector editors.

    Resource for DJs and musicians. Podcasts - useful materials and lessons on working in various audio editors, articles on working with sound, hardware, software and other tsatskas were collected. The resource will also be useful to those who play or are going to play live.
    AETUTS +

    A resource on Adobe After Effects will be a good addition to the tutorial Andrew Cramer from VideoCopilot

    Here all the lessons and tips are aimed at working in Flash and Actionscript.
    CGTUTS +

    A resource for Beginners and professional 3D Modelers, architects and animators. all lessons are not limited to 3DSMAX, so I recommend it to anyone interested in 3D in general.

    A resource for photographers, there are many tips, anti-tips, interesting ideas for implementation, and much more.

    PS: That's actually what I would like to share at the moment, I hope the information was useful.

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