Review of the HTC Touch Diamond 2 clone for $ 171

    Choosing a communicator for myself, one day I came across an online forum where, among other things, Chinese phones were discussed. For the sake of interest, I decided to read, and ... and spent a couple of weeks searching in the internet for any reliable information on this topic - before that she interested me. As a result, having read reviews, I decided to buy myself a Chinese beast. After studying dozens of models, I settled on the t5355 model (or t5353, this is actually the same phone, only released by different factories.

    His characteristics were as follows:
    • Processor: Hisilicon K3 460 MHz (in the description - Qualcomm MSM7200A, 533 MHz)
    • Memory: 128 RAM, 256 ROM
    • Screen: 3.2 inches, touch, 240 * 400.
    • Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.1
    • Networks: GSM / GSM900 / DCS1800 / PCS1900
    • WIFI: 802.11b / g
    • GPS: built-in SIRF star?
    • Memory card: microSD
    • Fm radio
    • Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR
    • G-sensor
    • Battery: 1650mAh Li-ion
    • Dimensions: 107.85mm x 53.1mm x 13.7mm

    That is, this is a full-fledged communicator with a large touch screen, built-in GPS, while having a price of only $ 160-180. “I take it,” I decided.

    To get started, I issued an ec @ rd card at VTB-24. It is needed in order to be able to pay for the purchase through paypal (he refused to accept the usual salary visa electron).
    Then, after reviewing reviews of various sellers, he stopped at There, the phone cost $ 171, for the money they offered me the phone itself, free delivery by airmail, and a service in the form of installing Russified firmware. Having discussed with the seller all the details on Skype, I placed an order on 12.29.09. I was immediately warned that they would take the parcel right away to the post office, but from there it was unlikely to fly out before January 8th. However, already on the 4th day, a message appeared on the Singapore Post website that the parcel had already flown to Moscow. And now, thanks to the speed of our valiant postal workers, “already” on January 26th the parcel was in my hands. So, open:


    The box with the phone was packed in a paper bag with bubbles inside. I liked the box very much, small, like an iPhone, stylish and beautiful. Inside were:
    - Actually the phone, enclosed in 5 (!) Bubble bags

    - The charger, to which the adapter was added to the Euro sockets (by the way, the infamous adapter, the contact petal inside bent almost immediately, I had to disassemble and straighten it, but nevertheless, it plus - when I ordered about the adapter, I forgot to say, they put it on their own initiative). The charger is unusual, with a glossy black surface, with folding power contacts (very convenient to carry).

    - Two 1650 mAh batteries
    - USB-miniUSB cable (both for communication with a computer and for charging - it sticks into the charger)
    - a manual in Chinese
    - a headset (it is not in the photo, I forgot it at work. The headset is so-so, the sound is very quiet, and even the microphone button is a fake one)
    - a protective sticker on the screen with a cleaning cloth (glued immediately)

    V-general, equipment is not the richest, but quite standard

    The quality of the case pleased - the plastic is pleasant to the touch, the assembly is very good, it does not creak, does not hang out, it does not fall off. Everything is in place and holds tight. Outside the t5355 is very similar to the original TouchDiamond2, differs only in color Panel days -. it is glossy black, with some slightly reddish tint looks very stylish and strictly, but see the slightest trace of the finger (at certain angles) Back cover -. more practical, matt.

    On the front side - on top of the speaker, covered with a metal mesh, the inscription "htc" above the screen, under the screen - a zoom bar, which at first was inoperative, but was partially cured by installing a special patch (now it has 4 additional touch buttons) and 4 mechanical control buttons (from left to right - accept the call, “windows”, back, reject the call).
    At the bottom of the phone is a miniUSB port and a microphone hole.

    On the right is the speaker hole on top (under the metal grill) and below - the stylus. The

    stylus is telescopic. Not to say that it’s ideally comfortable (a little thin for me), but in principle a good one, I’m almost used to it.

    Top - Power Button

    On the left side above is a paired volume control. It is not very conveniently located, when I turn off the screen with the power button, I constantly get to these buttons.

    Remove the back cover

    Under the battery - slots for a SIM card and microSD memory card.

    On the right side is a soft reset button (highlighted in red).

    We put it back and turn it on.

    Initially, the standard winmobile theme was installed in the phone that came (in the photo - not my phone, I already changed this theme)

    But I really wanted touchflo, as shown in the sellers photos, so I sacrificed Russian and installed the English firmware with touchflo2d. Now it looks like this:

    I personally liked the screen. very bright (everything is visible in the sun), juicy beautiful colors. it reacts to pressing a little taut at first glance, but I already got used to it, even conveniently - you won’t make, say, a long-distance call with a random touch. Although, if someone doesn’t like it, there is a patch that reviews improves screen sensitivity. Permission to someone seems too small (240 * 400), but I personally am quite happy, it does not interfere with working with the phone.

    As for the G-sensor, I can only say what it is. But there’s little sense in him. Firstly, after rebooting it must always be manually turned on (settings-system-g-sensor)

    And secondly, it does not work in programs. How many programs I installed - in no one there is any reaction to the tilt of the phone. But he turns the screen, yeah)

    GPS is not a good story. At first, I tried for a long time to make it work, but he stubbornly caught no more than 2 satellites (and that is weak). Google didn’t prompt anything sensible (although I tried a lot of things suggested by them), therefore I turned to the seller, who, having learned about my problem, was very surprised, said. That such a claim is being handled for the first time, and for all GPS is working fine. But he immediately offered to change the phone to a new one, though for this it was necessary to send my phone back to them. I did not want to wait another 2 months, so I took apart the phone myself. It turned out that the GPS antenna was slightly bent, because of which its leg did not reach the contact area on the board. a couple of simple movements - and contact is restored. Turn on, check - and at the window for 2 minutes 8 satellites are caught.

    Assuming comments on "Chinese quality", I will say that this problem, as far as I can tell, is really a single one. Nowhere, in any forum, have I encountered similar complaints about this model.

    Camera - to be honest, just nonsense. The photo quality is poor (more or less normal only in good lighting) Here are a couple of examples (clickable): The photographing program itself is terribly inconvenient, all settings (even zoom) are done only from the menu. But personally, I practically do not need a camera, so for me it’s like a minus)) Sound

    The sound is not the loudest, but overall pretty well. The headphones seem to have a weak signal initially, so to use it as a player you will have to put some alternative player with the ability to increase the volume (say, to pull up all the equalizer sliders). Well, it is very advisable to use other headphones. There is no adapter in the kit, it will have to be purchased separately (or even solder yourself, it’s not a fact that the standard one will work - who knows what kind of wiring the Chinese came up with))).

    Reception of a signal
    Everything is all right with it. Where I had only 1 strip on my old phone, 3 stripes are stable on this. I am very pleased with this))

    Well, and general words)
    At the moment, all functions are checked, everything is working properly (wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS, EDGE), the connection is clear, confident. Performance is absolutely satisfactory - for example, Dr. House in XViD, 1000Kb / s, 620 * 350, it goes subjectively without any brakes, according to the benchmark, the rate is 82.85%. Well, and most importantly - style. Someone, of course, likes every “show off” in the form of gilding, roundness, rhinestones, patterns, etc., but personally I always liked the solidity and severity, but at the same time not descending to primitivism. The T5355 is just that - stylish and strict, a real man’s phone, which at the same time looks not at its price, but at least 3 times more expensive.

    In general, the impressions are very positive. For such an amount (with all fees, interest, etc., it was about 5.5 tr) it is hardly possible to find something that is not Chinese, and at least close in function. So if you need a stylish communicator with GPS, you do not want to overpay, and you are not afraid of the words "Chinese phone" - then t5355 will be a great choice.

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