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    Evernote is free. You can use Evernote all your life without paying a dime, and that suits us perfectly. To some, this approach may seem crazy, but thanks to the Evernote premium service, this is a really working business model (see Freemium Model ). However, until now, those who wanted to get advanced paid features of Evernote had to resort to the services of Google Checkout and PayPal, which are not very actively used in Russia. But now it's over.

    Today we are announcing the advent of yet another way to pay for a premium account in addition to existing ones. Now we support payments with plastic cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB!

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    Why Switch to a Premium?

    Huge reserves of space for notes.
    Monthly available disk space for your notes will be increased from 40 to 500 megabytes. Every month, you’ll have 500 megabytes ready at your fingertips.

    Adding and synchronizing files of any type
    As a user of a free service, you can create notes with text, audio, pictures and PDF files. As soon as you switch to a premium subscription, you have the opportunity to attach files of any type to your posts, including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Photoshop files and any others. Together with everything else, these files will be synchronized, and you can access them wherever you are. The only limitation is that the size of one note cannot exceed 25 megabytes.

    Offline notebooks on iPhone and iPod Touch
    Get offline access to any of your notebooks or all at once. This will not only make access to notes faster, but also allow you to view and search your notes in the absence of an Internet connection.

    Search PDF files
    When a premium user places a PDF- scanned document in Evernote, our servers recognize the text in it and make it searchable.

    You can open your notebooks for viewing to individuals or to the world using the Evernote web interface. And premium users can grant others both reading and editing their notes, turning Evernote into a great collaboration tool.

    And much more…
    • lack of advertising, both in computer applications and in the web interface;
    • response from technical support within 1 business day;
    • priority in the queue for servers to recognize text in images;
    • increased security through SSL encryption.

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