YouTube introduces movie fee

    True, not all. So far, it is planned to introduce only a “rental” fee for the right to watch films of a certain category. This Friday, that is tomorrow, films from the Sundance Film Festival will be paid.

    All this will cost $ 4 for the right to view for two days. That is, you can watch a movie at least a hundred times in these two days, but then again you have to pay. Google hopes that such an innovation will attract movie studios to collaborate.


    In the future, it is planned to add various terms of “rent” (I myself do not like this word, but I can’t find a more convenient one): from a day to 90 days.

    I wonder if Google will be able to monetize their video hosting in this way? By the way, Google, trying to make YouTubeprofitable in this way, crosses the road to such major content merchants as iTunes, Inc., Netflix Inc. and Blockbuster Inc. Well, wait and see.

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