Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will release packages with the latest Linux kernel versions

    As an experiment, after the release of Ubuntu 10.04, the developers plan to periodically backport the future versions of the Linux kernel for the distribution with extended support time (LTS), thus keeping both the driver database and the distribution functionality up-to-date. Not all Linux kernel versions will be backported to Ubuntu 10.04, but only those on the basis of which the regular (non-LTS) releases of the distribution will be built. For those who prefer stability, updates will continue to be released for the Linux kernel on which the LTS release was originally based.

    As for the version of the base Linux kernel, the Ubuntu developers decided to use the 2.6.32 kernel in the Ubuntu 10.04 Linux release, despite the fact that the 2.6.33 kernel will be available in April.

    Other solutions include the use of a DRM module for switching core-level video modes (KMS) for ATI Radeon and Nvidia video cards, as well as the default delivery for Nvidia video cards of the free Nouveau driver, which not only supports 2D functions, but also for 3D acceleration.

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